Pinon Park Estates

Pinon Park Land For Sale

Pinon Park Estates
2 Adjacent 5 Acre Lots
Sandoval County, New Mexico


The property consists of 2 adjacent 5 acre lots which the owners are willing to sell as either single lots or together.

The legal description for these 2 lots is:

Tracts 7 and 10 Pinon Park Est. Unit 1, a subdivision of a tract of land in Sandoval County, New Mexico, as the same is shown and designated on the map of said Subdivision, filed in the office of the County Clerk of Sandoval County, New Mexico, on June 30, 1955.

Drilling the wellThe Sandoval County parcel numbers for these 2 lots are:

Tract 7 1030068091303
Tract 10 1030068079278

The total yearly taxes for each parcel, which were paid in December 2017, were $500.76.

There is a dry well on the property located at about the center of the two lots. This well was drilled by a previous owner. The driller of this well confirmed that the dry well goes to 400 feet. He asked the previous owners if they wanted to go deeper, and they declined.

Current owners drilled a well in 2011 near the road in NE corner of tract 7. The driller, Murray Drilling Company, obtained beautiful clean water at approximately 650 feet. The drilling information and report are available.